Labor Board Looks at Boeing Firings

For more than a decade, Boeing has been shifting production from well-organized Washington state to South Carolina, where elected officials have vowed to keep workers from forming a union. (Former Governor Nikki Haley said she didn’t want union jobs coming to her state because they would “taint the water”; her successor Henry McMaster has called unions “about as welcome as a Category 5 hurricane.”) When workers tried to organize, the company fought tooth and nail, even illegally firing union supporters. But last year a group of technicians at Boeing’s Charleston plant stood firm, voting 105-64 to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM). And now it seems the other shoe is dropping: the labor board is investigating the firings, and has found merit in the charges. Is Boeing repentant? Hardly – it named Haley to its Board of Directors in 2019! Stay tuned.

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  1. Allan B. Darr
    Allan B. Darr says:

    I am familiar with their antics. As you know, at the height of profits they cut union pensions significantly. Further, they said take the contract or we are leaving town. They are acting identically their recent problems in hiding the flaws on the MAX. I suppose they are no better or worse than any corporation. They believe by driving the middle class to the bottom, their Board of Directors will smile.


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