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First U.S. Saint

First U.S. Saint by Bill Droel She is the first U.S. citizen to be an official saint. But it almost didn’t happen. Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, MSC (1850-1917) and half a dozen others from the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart arrived in New York Harbor in March 1889, following a difficult Atlantic Ocean crossing. […]

Esau and Jacob

Esau and Jacob by Bill Droel Political scientist Sheldon Wolin (1922-2015), who died in October, fought against a dominant approach in social science that constructs abstract models to then be used in devising and evaluating public policy. Instead, Wolin turned to the history of specific societies. From them, he derived lessons that apply to modern […]

NRA Is a Front

NRA Is a Front by Bill Droel According to a popular opinion, the National Rifle Association is the primary obstacle to gun safety. Progress is possible, if only the NRA would modify its extremism, this opinion says. Even President Barack Obama, speaking in the wake of the Umpqua Community College massacre, implicitly endorsed this opinion […]

Milwaukee Labor School

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 Bill Lange, Milwaukee Let me follow up on Bill Droel’s very important article on Roman Catholic Labor Schools. I would like to recount Milwaukee’s experience with the Cardijn Center and Labor Schools and propose an expansion to a model, similar to Cardijn, which is already underway. Milwaukee’s experience with Catholic Labor […]

Goodbye Trump

Goodbye Trump by Bill Droel Don Trump is out. Don Quixote is in. Worldly self-regard is out. Regard for others is in. That’s the analysis of this Working Catholic blog no matter what happens in the polls or in state primaries. It’s percolating; though it is not evident to many of the new tycoons, or […]

New Labor Schools

New Labor Schools by Bill Droel Bishop Blasé Cupich received several invitations to speak with union groups after he arrived in Chicago in November 2014. He declined for a time. But after nearly one year Cupich went to Local 130 Plumbers Hall this past September at the request of the Chicago Federation of Labor. There […]

World Series

World Series by Bill Droel Here is Rev. Martin Luther King (1929-1968) writing from jail in Summer 1963. The intended audience is fellow ministers. The topic is church leaders’ opposition to King’s direct advocacy for integration. “In spite of my shattered dreams of the past, I came to Birmingham with the hope that the white […]

When America Hated Catholics

When America Hated Catholics In the late 19th century, statesmen feared that Catholic immigrants were less than civilized (and less than white). By Josh Zeitz September 23, 2015 In the late nineteenth century, political cartoonist Thomas Nast regularly lambasted Irish Catholic immigrants as drunkards and barbarians unfit for citizenship; signs that read, “No Irish Need […]

After Protest

After Protest by Bill Droel This column is hardy ready to endorse Hillary in 16. But Clinton is correct in her reaction to Black Lives Matter activists with whom she had an off-stage exchange early in August. They probed her how she will change hearts to eliminate racism. “How do you actually feel that’s different,” […]

Papal Visit – Part II

Papal Visit – Part II by Bill Droel Where does Pope Francis get his ideas on the economy? The same place as every other informed Catholic. Like other Christian traditions, Catholicism says God’s truth is revealed through the Bible. Like other Christian traditions, Catholicism says Jesus Christ is God’s unique self-revelation. Catholicism also says God’s […]