Luctus et Angor: Labor Disputes at Catholic Institutions

Hard bargaining can be part of even the best labor-management relationships, and a strike or lockout is an occasional reality in collective bargaining. Only the most serious labor disputes are recorded on our Luctus et Angor page. Disputes can appear on this page if 1) an employer seeks to destroy a union by permanently replace striking workers 2) an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge is under investigation at the National Labor Relations Board, or 3) one of the parties is engaging in an act that WOULD generate an NLRB ULP charge if the NLRB had jurisdiction.

Current Labor Disputes:

Manhattan College, New York NY; St. Xavier University, Chicago IL; Duquesne University, Pittsburgh PA; Carroll College, Helena MT; and Seattle University, Seattle WA. Adjunct faculty at all five schools are seeking to organize, but the schools are refusing to recognize their right to organize as recognized in Catholic social teaching — and invoked freedom of religion as a legal strategy, when the adjuncts sought remedy before the Labor Board.  (For a detailed treatment, see Which Side are We On? in America Magazine.)