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Wage Theft, Discrimination against Women Workers Found on Amazon Construction Site

Amazon has made headlines recently for fighting its own workers seeking to organize in unions at distribution centers in Alabama and New York. It turns out that workers’ rights aren’t necessarily respected on Amazon construction sites either, as a group women workers learned while finishing drywall at a new Amazon distribution center in Beltsville, Maryland. […]

Maryland Catholic Labor Network supports Paid Family Leave

This year the Maryland legislature is considering a law implementing paid family leave, with broad support from labor, the Catholic Church, and an array of community-based organizations. Financed by a modest payroll tax split between employer and employee, The Time to Care Act would guarantee 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave to workers […]

Fighting for a 40-hour Week for Farm Workers

A guest contribution from CLN member Laurie Konwinski The workers who harvest fruits and vegetables, milk cows, and tend other farm animals do not have the same labor rights as other workers in New York State. The same is true in almost every other state. It seems no coincidence that during the Jim Crow era, […]

MD CLN Supports Union Rights for Public Defenders

Guest Contribution from CLN Member and Public Defender Jeff Ross The Maryland Office of the Public Defender (OPD) is the largest legal services provider in the state and is charged by statute with representing indigent clients in a wide array of proceedings, including criminal trials, juvenile proceedings, appeals, post-conviction proceedings, and proceedings affecting parental rights. […]

A Worker Justice Victory Worth Remembering

courtesy of Mark Piper Winters in Wisconsin are cold, but on one particular evening it wasn’t just frigid but bleak for the employees of the Allen-Edmonds shoe factory in Belgium, WI. In January 1984, an Allen-Edmonds shoe factory went up in flames — a total loss. It appeared that the non-union 250 employees would be […]

Virginia Beach City Workers Seek Union Rights

As a matter of Virginia law, cities and counties in the Old Dominion have the option to recognize unions of their employees and engage in collective bargaining with them. As a matter of Catholic Social Teaching, however, the right of workers to join unions is a natural right. That’s why the Catholic Labor Network is […]

Pope Francis Sees Labor as Key to Peace

On New Year’s Day, Pope Francis released his message for the celebration of the World Day of Peace. In an interesting twist, the Holy Father listed labor or work alongside dialogue and education as a tool for peacebuilding. Why labor? Labour is an indispensable factor in building and keeping peace. It is an expression of […]

CLN Member’s Book Recalls 1989 UFCW 1105 Strike

“People Are # 1 ” is a book about the 81-day strike by thousands of Union grocery store workers in the Puget Sound Area of Washington State in 1989. It was a fight against corporate greed. The workers won because they had the support of other unions, churches, community organizations, and consumers.  It was SOLIDARITY […]