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150 Ohio Faith Leaders Tell Wendy’s: Respect Farmworkers!

Of all America’s workers, farmworkers are among the most poorly treated. That’s why the Catholic Labor Network, the Diocese of Columbus and Ohio Faith in Public Life organized a letter from faith leaders across the Buckeye state urging Wendy’s to clean up its supply chain by joining the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ (CIW) Fair Food […]

Santa Ana workers exposed to toxic environment, seek union

It’s not always wages and benefits that drive workers to organize. In the Kingspan factory in Santa Ana, California workers are seeking to form a union and bargain collectively because the company was taking risks with their health. Kingspan, an Irish multinational, produces materials for green building construction and says on its website that “buildings […]

Labor Unions and Google (Part I)

Google’s old corporate slogan was “Don’t be evil.” And in recent conversations with two Catholic Labor Network members – Stephen McMurty of the Alphabet Workers Union and Chuck Hendricks of UNITE HERE – who have firsthand knowledge, I’ve been pleased to learn that Google’s labor relations practices seem more enlightened than some other companies I’ve […]

Georgetown Breaks Worker Justice Ground with New Construction Procurement Policy

One way Catholic institutions can demonstrate their faith – and evangelize the world – is by honoring Catholic Social Teaching in their labor relations practices. Many do this by recognizing and bargaining with unions representing their employees and by paying a living wage to workers in all job classifications; some do so by obliging their […]

County Employees in Virginia Fight for the Right to Organize

The right of workers to organize and bargain collectively has been fundamental to Catholic Social Teaching since Pope Leo XIII issued his Encyclical Rerum Novarum in 1891. But in Virginia, public employees have long lacked that right. The Catholic Labor Network is supporting workers in Virginia’s Fairfax and Loudoun Counties who are fighting to change […]

Catholic Labor Network hosts “Listening Session” for Displaced Hotel Workers

Workers ask participants to boycott hotel until they are returned to work For decades these workers, from housekeepers to banquet servers, had made the Sheraton Columbia the premier venue for weddings, meetings and conferences in Maryland’s Howard County – that is, until a new owner purchased the hotel and decided to throw them out like […]

Tenet-St. Vincent’s Strike Drags On

Readers of this blog will be familiar with our questions about what happens when for-profit corporations purchase Catholic hospitals. No man can serve two masters, our Lord reminded us (Mt 6:24). These tie-ups inevitably bring a tug-of-war between the mission of a Catholic hospital and the mission of delivering profits to shareholders. The St Vincent’s […]

Strike Continues at Mercy Hospital

At Buffalo’s Mercy Hospital, a strike by some 2,500 nurses and other health care workers is dragging into its second week. The workers, represented by CWA Local 1133, began their strike on Oct. 1. Nurses at the hospital say that inadequate staffing is causing enormous stress on the existing workforce and is damaging the quality […]