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On this site we come together to exchange information about the Church and social justice and to support working people in their struggles. We promote the cause of workers and Catholic social teaching in our labor unions, parishes and other organizations.

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Catholic Employer Report QUIZ!

Very soon – in time for Labor Day – the Catholic Labor Network will release its 2016 “Gaudium et Spes” Labor Report. The report, compiled from public information and reports by our members and friends,  will list all the Catholic hospitals, nursing homes, schools, colleges, universities, and other institutional employers who bargain with unions representing their employees (at least all of those we have identified).

QUIZ QUESTION: About how many Catholic hospitals, schools, colleges and other employers bargain with unions representing their employees? A) 25; B) 50; C) 100; D) 500; E) 1,000

Bonus Question: Which Diocese or Archdiocese has the largest number of these? Read more