Blessing of new Teamsters officers in Washington DC

We all need God’s blessing in our work – especially those of us who serve in elected office, including union office. On May 11, in a beautiful ceremony at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington DC, the newly elected leaders of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters sought God’s blessing as they took up their responsibilities. At the Cathedral’s midday Mass rector Monsignor Ronald Jameson was joined by area labor priest Fr. Brian Jordan as he blessed recently sworn in General President Sean O’Brien and General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman. O’Brien, who comes to Washington from Teamsters Local 25, is a parishioner of St. Francis of Assisi in Boston; Zuckerman, from Local 89 in Louisville, is a parishioner at St. Timothy in Hebron, Kentucky.

The blessing read:

God of power and might, wisdom and justice,

through you, authority is rightly administered,

laws are enacted and judgment is decreed.


Assist with your spirit of counsel and fortitude

the President and Secretary-Treasurer of the

International Brotherhood of Teamsters,

that their administration may be conducted in righteousness,

and be eminently useful to their members

over whom they preside.

May they encourage due respect for virtue and religion.

May they execute the union laws and regulations

with justice and mercy.


And may we all be preserved in union and in that peace

which the world cannot give,

and after enjoying the blessings of this life,

be admitted to those which are eternal.


We pray to you, who are Lord and God, for ever and ever.



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