Delta Flight Attendants Launch National Organizing Campaign

The airlines are one of the most unionized economic sectors in the United States. Whether you are boarding a United, American or Southwest flight, you can expect that the workers you encounter have the protection of a union contract – whether they are pilots, mechanics, flight attendants or ramp workers.

Then there’s Delta.

The airline with historic roots in the Mississippi delta has successfully fended off multiple attempts to organize its workers. To date, only Delta pilots and dispatchers have succeeded in forming a union and securing a contract.

That may soon change. Delta flight attendants are on the move, in one of the nation’s largest current organizing campaigns. These 25,000 workers want a voice on the job and are turning to the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA-CWA). And you can help.

Normally, the Catholic Labor Network encourages members to patronize unionized businesses – it’s the only way you can guarantee that the workers who provide your goods and services have a voice on the job. But in this case, the flight attendants are asking supporters who fly Delta to use the opportunity to voice support for their cause.

The union has set up a website where allies can sign up to receive a button to wear supporting the campaign and palm cards to hand to your flight attendants to tell them you stand in solidarity with them. A friendly note from you can go a long way for a flight attendant summoning the courage to resist management’s pressure tactics. CLICK HERE to sign up now!

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