Gaudium et Spes Labor Report 2020: 600+ Catholic Institutions with Unions

If you add up all the Churches, schools, hospitals, universities, cemeteries, publications and other institutions, the Catholic Church employs more than one million American workers! That’s a lot of opportunities to evangelize the world by treating our employees in accordance with Catholic Social Teaching — or to scandalize the faithful by failing to do so.

Just in time for Labor Day, the Catholic Labor Network likes to celebrate those institutions that have demonstrated their CST commitment by bargaining with the union chosen by their employees. In our 2020 Gaudium et Spes Labor Report you will find more than 600 such Catholic institutions sorted by sector, state and Diocese. Check out yours and see what you find!

Gaudium et Spes Labor Report 2020: Catholic Institutions with Employee Unions

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  1. Joe O'Brien
    Joe O'Brien says:

    God bless anyone who stands up for fair wages and benefits.

    Without a union the chances of getting a living wage is not good.

    As labor show radio talk show host (Rick Smith On Free Speech TV) says. “United We Bargain, Divide, We Beg”

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