Hotel Workers Win Right to Recall in California

700,000 Hospitality workers throughout the state of California have just won the right to return to work by seniority following massive pandemic layoffs!

With Gov. Newsom’s signature on SB 93 (previously AB 3216), hospitality workers can now rest assured that owners won’t be permitted to take advantage of the pandemic by replacing longtime loyal employees with newer, cheaper labor. This applies to ALL hospitality workers in the state, not just union workers!

Hospitality workers from UNITE HERE Local 11, along with many in the Jesuits West community, spent the last year inviting Jesuit-educated Gov. Newsom and the legislature to hear the cries of these incredible workers! He initially vetoed the bill last fall (when it was called AB 3216), but after continued pressure through the winter came around and signed the new form of the bill (SB 93) into law today, effective immediately.


In faith and solidarity,

Hannah Peterson                                                        Fr. Ike Udoh, SJ

UNITE HERE Local 11                                               Interim Administrator

(323) 528-5008                                                           Blessed Sacrament, Hollywood