Kingspan workers, clergy remember Grenfell Tower fire victims

A guest contribution from CLN Member John Murphy

This morning, before heading into work, Kingspan workers held a candlelight vigil in solidarity with thousands marching silently in London today on the 4 1/2 year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower Fire.

At 4:30am, in the rain, we huddled under tents, holding tealight candles- the volunteer organizing committee at Kingspan, SMART-union organizers and Pastor Maribel, Pastor Joyce and Pastor Jack from CLUE Justice Orange County.

We celebrated life, and mourned the loss of life. We prayed that Kingspan and other companies listen to the health and safety concerns raised by workers and the community. For me it was all the more relevant as we hear the testimonies of warehouse workers in Kentucky who were threatened to be fired if they left their job for safety during the tornados.

Today we mourn for the 72 people who died in the Grenfell Tower Fire, for their families and for their friends. And tomorrow we fight like hell for all the people whose voices are ignored, diminished, repressed. Grenfell was avoidable. So were the deaths in the warehouses in the tornados. And at Kingspan Light + Air in Santa Ana, management needs to listen to Lucas Hernandez, a welder at the shop and resident of the Delhi neighborhood:

“Today, we as Kingspan workers stand united in solidarity with all those in London seeking justice for the 72 people who lost their lives in the horrific Grenfell Tower fire. Here in Santa Ana, we ask Kingspan to listen to our health and safety concerns for our own well-being, our families, and our community.”

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