New Hampshire Workers, Faith Leaders Fend Off “Right to Work”

“Right to Work” laws don’t give anyone the right to a job – they weaken unions by giving workers the “right” to opt out of paying dues when a majority of their co-workers have voted for union representation and are paying their fair share. So it was good news to learn that on June 3, by a vote of 199–175, the New Hampshire House of Representatives rejected legislation that would have made the Granite State “Right to Work.”

The defeat culminated a six-month campaign to educate New Hampshire’s working families about the issue and to build community support for labor. The campaign included vigorous outreach to the faith community, which responded strongly to appeals to support working families.

Diocese of Manchester Public Policy Director Robert Dunn, representing Bishop Libasci, told legislators:

In our view, SB 61 would have the effect of substantially diminishing the ability of unions to carry out their duties… Therefore, we respectfully oppose SB 61, and we ask that you recommend it as inexpedient to legislate.

To read Dunn’s statement in its entirety, click Letter to NH House Labor Committee re SB 61 2021.02.08

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  1. Anthony M Scutari
    Anthony M Scutari says:

    This is great News but we must be Vigilant because these individuals are not going to go away. They will definitely try again.

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