Tell Your Senator to Step Up for Pregnant Workers

In 2018 I reported on a shocking story in the New York Times. It appeared that a number of pregnant women working in a logistics shipping center had miscarried. One of the women, in pain from heavy lifting, had asked to leave work early – and her supervisor advised her to get an abortion.

As Catholics we believe in the dignity of work, but we also believe that life and family need to be protected from excessive demands in the workplace. That’s why I am asking you to write your Senators today in support of the Pregnant Workers’ Fairness Act (PWFA). The Act is simple, and modeled on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It directs employers of pregnant women to make reasonable accommodations for these workers on the job – things like light duty for women in the late stages of pregnancy when available.

This legislation is pro-life, pro-family and pro-worker justice. It recently passed the House of Representatives on a solid bipartisan majority vote of 315-101, but a surprising number of Senators are not aware of it yet.

You can make a difference. Click the link below to contact your Senator right now and send them a message: Vote yes for the Pregnant Workers’ Fairness Act!