How are you celebrating Labor Day in your parish?

Archbishop Wenski (courtesy Piotr Drabik)

Archbishop Thomas Wenski (courtesy Piotr Drabik)

Every year around this time, the USCCB issues a letter reflecting on labor and work, looking at current challenges through the eye of faith. This year, Archbishop Wenski of Miami (chair of the USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development) reflects on the global economic forces burdening the worker and the family. The Archbishop calls for renewed solidarity. “Simply put, we must advocate for jobs and wages that truly provide a dignified life for individuals and their families, and for working conditions that are safe and allow for a full flourishing of life outside of the workplace.”

Looking for resources to celebrate Labor Day at your Parish? The Bishops have prepared a great 1 page primer summarizing Catholic Social Teaching on labor and work – a great bulletin insert for the big weekend! They also offer a pastoral aid for priests planning sermons and social ministry leaders organizing events, and a list of Quotes From Pope Francis on Labor and Work. Don’t let the day pass by unmarked: share these USCCB resources with your Pastor today!

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  1. Fr. Anthony Shonis
    Fr. Anthony Shonis says:

    This year the unions have invited me to be the main speaker at their annual Labor Day picnic, which I am honor to do + “The Catholic Rank and File” newsletter which we publish twice a year will be coming out in time for the Labor Day weekend. I will preach at all the Masses on labor and the rights of working men and women.

    Fr. Anthony Shonis
    The Catholic Rank and File Newsletter
    Henderson, Kentucky

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