500 Catholic Institutions That Live Catholic Social Teaching on Labor and Work

Catholic institutions, ranging from vast hospital chains to small parochial schools, employ approximately one million workers in the United States. When such institutions recognize and bargain with unions representing their employees, they model the principles of Catholic Social Teaching for lay business leaders and workers and  alike.

These institutions are a true source of Joy and Hope. The 2018 Gaudium et Spes Labor Report lists more than 500 such institutions with unions representing some or all of their employees. The list is separated into four major sectors (Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12 Schools, and Other), then broken out by State and Diocese.
Did you know that…

  • The Federation of Catholic Teachers (Local 153) represents schoolteachers in more than 140 elementary and high schools in the Archdiocese of New York?
  • Every Catholic hospital in Washington state listed in the Catholic Healthcare Association Directory is a union hospital?
  • Cafeteria workers at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC have union representation?
  • Catholic News Service reporters at the USCCB belong to The Newspaper Guild?
Take a look and see what’s up in your community! Have we missed something? Please let us know and we’ll update the record for future editions of the Gaudium et Spes Report.