Dorothy Day Sainthood Cause Takes a Step Forward

Dorothy_Day_1934So far 2016 has been a good year for the legions of social justice activists inspired by Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker movement. In April came news that the cause of Day’s canonization had taken an important step forward as Cardinal Dolan of New York had begun to review evidence from her life and actions to determine if she lived a life of “heroic virtue” and merits recommendation to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome.

The year has also seen Patrick Jordan, a former editor of the Catholic Worker newspaper – and later, of Commonweal magazine – pen a new life of Dorothy Day. David Cloutier of Mount St. Mary’s University reviews Dorothy Day: Love in Action in the June issue of Commonweal

Jordan, whose voice remains admirably muted throughout, concludes by suggesting that Day be seen as an “American prophet”—with prophecy understood not only as offering an urgent message but also as embodying a whole “way of being in the world.” Day’s prophetic message, Jordan writes, sought “a closing of the gap between private and public morality…and questioned both our materialism and militarism.” She was, he concludes, “someone who kept pushing us.”

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  1. Juan Romero
    Juan Romero says:

    We rode in same shared auto August ’73 from UFW at Parlier Park in Fresno before arriving at Picket Line. Dorthy mentioned, “First time I went to jail (for civil disobedience), I was the youngest. This time I’ll be the oldest.” At site, she sat on a makeshift chair and read aloud to both farm workers and sheriffs from Mt 5, Sermon on Mount. In due time, busses came to collect us for an almost two week stay-with hundreds of other farm workers, some clergy and religious-at Fresno County Jail. Court declared invalid injunction severely limiting use of bullhorn to invite workers to strike (“Huelga!”) and distance between picketers

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