Solidarity with Seafarers Campaign

The Coalition of Catholic Organizations Against Human Trafficking (CCOAHT) campaigns against forced labor at sea, and this year is focused on the crew change crisis driven by the pandemic. CCOAHT – together with Stella Maris and the Apostleship of the Sea USA – are urging people of faith to leverage their voices as consumers to uphold the safety and labor rights of one of the world’s most invisible group of essential workers. Across the world, many mariners have been stuck on board ship for a year or more because some nations fearing the pandemic won’t let them disembark to change crews. Navigating the system of rules and regulations for crew change can delay ships, and the “charterers” who have hired the ships won’t tolerate delays.

Wal-Mart is one of the biggest such charterers. Will you sign a petition to Wal-Mart urging them to take responsibility for this part of their supply chain? CLICK HERE to express solidarity with seafarers!

Want to do more? Check out this resource packet. It contains an evening prayer service, bulletin inserts, and intercessory prayers.

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