Catholic Church in NH: Vote no on “Right to Work”

“Right to Work” laws don’t give anyone the right to a job – they weaken unions by giving workers the “right” to opt out of paying dues when a majority of their co-workers have voted for union representation and are paying their fair share. New Hampshire legislators are considering SB61, a “right to work” law, but the Diocese of Manchester has reviewed Catholic Social Teaching on labor and work and urged legislators to vote NO.

Diocesan Public Policy Director Robert Dunn, representing Bishop Libasci and the Diocese of Manchester, told legislators:

There are several questions that we would propose as a useful framework for deliberation on SB 61:

  • Does SB 61 benefit the common good?
  • Does SB 61 provide a just balance between the interests of workers and the interests of employers?
  • Does SB 61 protect the natural right of workers to assemble and form associations?

In our view, SB 61 would have the effect of substantially diminishing the ability of unions to carry out their duties, and we think that these questions produce answers in the negative. Therefore, we respectfully oppose SB 61, and we ask that you recommend it as inexpedient to legislate.

To read Dunn’s statement in its entirety, click Letter to NH House Labor Committee re SB 61 2021.02.08

To see the Catholic Labor Network’s statement on Right to Work, CLICK HERE

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  1. Mary Kambic
    Mary Kambic says:

    Great news from our New Hampshire brothers and sisters! Bob and I met great folks in New Hampshire while working in the Diocese of Burlington, Vermont way back!


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