Fr. Clete Kiley offers invocation at AFL-CIO Convention

The AFL-CIO held its convention last week in Philadelphia, and the Catholic Labor Network’s own Fr. Clete Kiley was chosen to give the invocation! “After two years of covid and so many setbacks, we declare that our work has inherent value, and every worker has inherent dignity given by You the Spirit of God, the Lord and the Giver of Life, and can never come from a corner office in a corporate building,” said Fr. Clete, who works for the hotel and food service union UNITE HERE. “May solidarity be our unbreakable bond. May it be our sure and certain way forward.  In this meeting, in our solidarity, may we raise up our movement to meet the moment. May we repeat it again and again and again: Solidarity Today, Solidarity Tomorrow, Solidarity Forever. Amen!”

To view his invocation in its entirety, CLICK HERE and advance the video to 18:30.